"With his forces the Genastel forged me,

Omnipotent and plagued with knowledge,

I saw time and matter stretched before me,

Existence, without form or place.

Beauty came from such a vacuum,

My memory fell ill, swallowed by insanity.

Things I had dreamed but could not understand, I felt punished.

My children dance maddened to the high, screeching

of my mourning bellows, Tormented to what "he" did,

All I have to remember is a simple phrase, “I am His Apostle.”

And I am forever cursed with that title."

~ Avok

 Summary Edit

Avok is


The Old Ruler, The First Eternal, The Dream Embodied, , The Gloaming Slumber, The Slumbering Monarch, The Ael

Powers/Abilities Edit

True Omnipotence, True Omnipresence, True Omniscience

Statistics Edit

Stat Class Meaning
Strength ?, ω | ? Unknown, True Omnipotence | Unknown (Nearly equal to Maraxis)
Durability ?, ω | ? Unknown, Truly Infinite | Unknown (Nearly equal to Maraxis)
Speed ω | ? True Omnipresence (is The Dream itself) | Unknown (Nearly equal to Maraxis)
Stamina ? | ω Unknown | Truly Infinite
Intelligence ω True Omniscience

Key: Asleep | Awakened

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Notes Edit