Prior Genesis

He is the All-Beyond-One and One-Beyond-All of indescribable power, being and self—not merely a thing bound to any concepts of the infinite, but was the enigma creating the very essence of omnipotence; and with the power he bares, The Origin amidst the nothing created seven Primal Elders, each given a name to bare and omnipotence itself.








Then drawing from his unfathomable might, The Origin brought forth a paradise, more beautiful than it could ever be, creating civilization for more innocent youth to come. A civilization of countess Elders dawned from his thoughts each one enjoying the lands he had created with the innocence of a child.

For a while, that was all good and well for all, until the Origin became forgotten as a Creator. His creations soon forgot about their joys and eventually fell into their neurosis of fear and worries. A verbal war broke out against their creator. He knew this conflict would come but did nothing to prevent it, for he wanted this to happen.

The Seven Primal Elders tried to restore peace between The Origin and his creations—but the damage was already done. One of the Elders foolish to attack their maker, than another, and another unknowing how powerful The Origin is; an onslaught of attacks trying to destroy the very thing that created them made him enraged, he summoned forth his unforgiving wrath upon his subjects, collapsing in on himself, and wiping out everything he created.

Nothing could prevent it.

The Paradise he created fell into darkness and distortion. The Seven Primal Elders, the only ones he let live, fled from what was once their creator—seen now as Maraxis, Lord of the Void.


Before the Aeons, the light of the benevolent which at the core of all things beyond both known and unknown—the Old Origin reined, now whose radiance long faded, and who slumbers amidst the gloaming Void beyond both The Infinity and Dream he waits, as maddening screams of torn souls echo throughout the ruins of his once loved paradise.

And where he remained, the remaining Seven Primal Elders had decided to create their own realities, realms to exist and thrive. In their new beginning Avok had decided to become leader of the Elders and created a realm. Now the realm was formless and empty, radiance was over the surface of the deep, and the Ruler of Elders was hovering over the light.

And Avok demanded with all his might, “I bring order and unrivaled judgement to all” and there appeared a tower tall enough to reach the infinite. Avok saw that the tower was good, and he split the the realm into four different realms for the highest one would be the Citadel, the Heavens would be right below it, Limbo would be below the Heavens, and Tartarus would be below Limbo.