Atarrax laid dormant among the blades of grass. Having recently trained for the upcoming battle against the Nameless Kingdom. He rested for hours staring at the sky, the colors above shift from blue to orange...


The resting Crusader looks to the direction of the voice.

A figure waves in the distance...

"Atarrax! come back to the barracks, I have something for you."

The Crusader got to his feet and walked back to the kingdom; wondering what his comrade has for him.

The sky is dark when he opens the doors to the Barracks.

"My dear Atarrax..."

An elderly man stands in front of Atarrax baring an envelope.

"It has been such a long time since I have seen your face, you have grown as big as your father."

He chuckles slightly as he looks down at the envelope.

"I have been holding this letter for two decades since your father left for battle, he had told me to give it to you before you yourself go off to battle."

The old man slightly trembles as he hands the letter to the Crusader.

Atarrax opens the letter and scans through each word written down on it.

To my only son,

By the time I am writing this, I will be setting off the next morning to fight a being of great power. I fear I will not return from this battle.

I must apologize for never being there for you and your mother, I only wish you were able to understand my duty as a crusader--to protect the Kingdom from calamity by any means necessary.

For my greatest apology, I lend you my blade from where I have fallen.

I do not know who will have my blade after I perish.

I hope it will be of great use to you.

My son, I'm sorry...

I am so sorry...

Your foolish father,