"The ones I had forged with my bare thoughts alone were the Eternals.

Omnipotent, boundless beings that had possessed imagination that never ceased to end for them.

However, though they were the embodiment of power itself, some became... greedy for more..."

~ Maraxis to Atarrax


Maraxis is the most powerful character within the series. Known for originally being referred to as The Origin, he is the creator among all continuities, concepts, etc. However, being known to be immensely powerful, Maraxis is not Omnipotent; he is devoid of any and all concepts that are, are not, and could be, but at the same time he can possess all of said concepts, which makes him very threatening to all who wish to encounter him. Spite his stature, he's not much of a fighter, more of an observer, though this does not make him any less ominous to those who taunt him for a battle.

While the Eternals are connected to the concept Omnipotence, and personify concepts essential for existence (Such as Time, Space, Reality, Life, Death, etc.), They are limited to what everything has for them which is also limited. Maraxis however, "exists" entirely beyond it, being outside from concepts such as Omnipotence, which makes him absolutely untouchable. To his own words, all concepts are flawed by nature due to becoming questioned, there is not a single concept that does not become questioned, and there will never be a concept that will never be questioned.


The Genastel (The Origin, a formal title), The Author | Unknown, The Mystvell (The End)


Irrelevant (Is devoid of any concepts, and is able to obtain/make up any concepts he desires)


Strength Irrelevant Unknown | Irrelevant
Durability Irrelevant Unknown | Irrelevant
Speed Irrelevant Unknown | Irrelevant
Stamina Irrelevant Unknown | Irrelevant
Intelligence Irrelevant Unknown | Irrelevant

Key: Default | Default