Upon the mountain came a radiant warrior, the name was Leonyde, leading commander of the Aftalian Military. In his company were fellow soldiers, counting in the thousands all mounded on horses.

He stopped and looked out among the vast landscape, and saw the sky shatter right before his eyes.

"I have waited," the sky echoed, distortion rained down from the broken sky and He appeared before Leonyde.

"The Old Origin," Leonyde spoke as a chill ran down his spine, but still remained pure from distress as he got off his horse. "I have come to return you to the Void where you belong."

The Old Origin grinned.

"The flesh of blind fools stand before me, to fight your maker." The Old Origin spoke with a choir to his tone.

Leonyde drew his sword, the blade sung as he aimed it at the Old Origin.

"By the name of the Great King of Aftal, your rein of tyranny comes to an end."

The sword began to glow with a golden light as he brought his sword down on their unknown Creator, ripping the Old Origin apart several times and tearing him asunder.

After many strikes, Leonyde grew exhausted, sweat running down his face he looked up; Leonyde's face went pale.

The Old Origin did not die, for it was never possible. He took the form of nothing.

"Those blind enough to dare fight me will all perish!"

Leonyde, shattered to nothing. His men grew fear as they all looked up the the shattered sky.

The Sky echoed once again.

"I bring wrath the followers of the Fool who fought me, they will be one with nothing. I bring dread to the mortal who bares the same blood of the Fool for Aeons to come."

"Pitiful worms of flesh and bone! Become one with nothing!"

And so, the thousands saw the wrath of the Old Origin.